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Yes, I agree with that Forex is a happy and better lifetime business. But not for everyone in the market is good for them those who manage the Forex k...
Postet by princeandy4
FX Super Hero
9 min. ago
No, directly in the live account. Though, it's not the first time, I have traded with extreme high lot, trading with 100% risk per trade for nearly 2...
Postet by MartyFish
MT5 Addict
10 min. ago
[QUOTE=NikitaBelle;12724311]Hello friends, happy weekend! :happy: As always, your lively conversations here makes me smile. Many different opinions...
Postet by FlyingShark
MT5 Veteran
10 min. ago
having a risk and reward ratio for 1:1 is still quite risky for me because in some cases we will suffer and can suffer some consecutive loses and...
Postet by chiko
Forex in the blood
11 min. ago
There is no shortcut in Forex trade marketing business. If anyone wants to be the success in Forex trade marketing business then he/she have to do a l...
Postet by princeandy4
FX Super Hero
13 min. ago
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