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I see this pair currently going on down side. So i think this is too risky time to enter in this pair on buy side. But i would like to enter on b...
Postet by crown
MT5 Addict
4 min. ago
Always place stop loss in the position you want as a precaution if at any time the market turns against your trading. This is an effective way to prev...
Postet by Renan
Forex in the blood
5 min. ago
Well you may not be able to .. it is what it is, but this strategy is built around that. I have had up to 50 positions at once on one metatrader and...
Postet by Alexander Tatsumaki
MT5 Veteran
9 min. ago
Wow you used big lot and make small pips. Brother isn't risky for this business? I see using big lot in this market are quite risky. Because when w...
Postet by crown
MT5 Addict
12 min. ago
[CENTER][B] To calculate the size of stop loss we need to decide how much we are going to risk per trade. For a good money management 1-3% of the cap...
Postet by forexaddict
I just can't quit pips!
12 min. ago
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