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2018-07-16 12:41:34 UTC+00

Trading plan for the European session of GBP / USD pair on July 16
Buyers need to climb above the resistance of 1.3237 and gain a foothold there, which will keep the upside potential in the pound and lead to new highs in the area of 1.3269 and 1.3309, where fixing profit is recommended.

2018-07-16 12:08:45 UTC+00

Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for EUR/USD for July 16, 2018
On July 10, signs of bearish rejection were manifested around 1.1750. That's why, a bearish movement was expected to occur towards 1.1650. Lack of enough bearish momentum allowed another bullish pullback to occur towards 1.1750 (the lower limit of the depicted supply zone).

2018-07-16 11:53:57 UTC+00

NZD/USD Intraday technical levels and trading recommendations for July 16, 2018
On July 7, evident bullish rejection pushed the NZD/USD pair above 0.6820 again. This was followed by another bearish decline below 0.6750 which took place on Wednesday. Currently, the price zone 0.6750-0.6800 constitutes a demand zone to be considered by NZD/USD buyers. Potential bullish targets would be located around 0.6900-0.6980.

2018-07-16 11:10:47 UTC+00

Global macro overview for 16/07/2018
Global investors wait for US data in a sleepy market

2018-07-16 11:01:58 UTC+00

Global macro overview for 16/07/2018
Chinese data indicates a possible safe-heaven flee soon

2018-07-16 10:48:08 UTC+00

EUR / USD. July 16. Hour X. Meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
On the last trading day of the past week, the EUR / USD currency pair quite sharply and unexpectedly started an upward movement

2018-07-16 10:47:56 UTC+00

Control zones of AUD / USD as of July 16, 2018
Last week, the implementation of the top-down model occurred. After the test of a weekly short-term fault of 0.7360-0.7340, there was an increase in demand and the formation of an absorption pattern. Today's test of the NCP 1/2 will prompt further priority

2018-07-16 10:47:44 UTC+00

Control zones of GBP / USD as of July 16, 2018
On Friday, there was a pattern of absorption in the American session. This allows us to assume continuation of the upward movement in the short term. It should be noted that the pair is testing the NCP 1/2 1.3243-1.3230

2018-07-16 10:47:37 UTC+00

Analysis of EUR / USD Divergences for July 16. Bullish divergence allowed the euro to strengthen
The EUR / USD pair on the 4-hour chart reversed in favor of the EU currency and fixed above the correction level of 50.0% to 1.1680

2018-07-16 10:47:33 UTC+00

Control zones of EUR / USD as of July 16, 2018
On Friday, the pattern of absorption took place, which indicates an upward priority at the beginning of this week. The main resistance will come from the NCP 1/2 1.1713-1.1704

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