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Trading volume is a measure as to how much trading has taken place on a given financial commodity over a length of time. For securities, turnover is d...
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Will work for pips
2 min. ago
There is no fixed income we can expect from the forex trading profession. Because it is very much dependent on the trader himself or herself. How a tr...
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I just can't quit pips!
2 min. ago
[QUOTE=ayan555;15143787]Good morning respected forum fellows, finally, the boring time is over and the market reopens a few hours ago. Mate, I am happ...
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MT5 Addict
4 min. ago
Shopping online is becoming very common among individuals globally, what are the advantages and the disadvantages that comes with this method of shopp...
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I just can't quit pips!
8 min. ago
now system is that work without bonus,bonu is just for admin and moderators ownids with other names fake name,so leaving the forum....
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Will work for pips
10 min. ago
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