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Hello! Joel decided to do an insane Day Trading challenge in 2021 starting now. He will try to grow his day trading account from 100 USD to 80000 U...
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My pips hand is weak
7 min. ago
The Quantum Currency Strength Indicator is designed to show you quickly and easily when a currency is moving strongly in one direction or another,...
Postet by WRome21
My pips hand is weak
8 min. ago
is actually constructed in order to be used in the MetaTrader platform. It is also considered as the high implementation of the Super Trend Indicator...
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MT5 Rookie
16 min. ago
Good evening everyone .Today after so many days I got some free time to share my trading experience with you people as I remain nowadays very busy in ...
Postet by Kalex
It's time to retire!
22 min. ago
It is difficult to pick a buying and selling approach indicator. there may be only one indicator for positive buyers at the same time as o...
Postet by shahriarsk
Where am I?
29 min. ago
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