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Trading in the financial markets is surrounded by a certain amount of ambiguity because there is no single formula for trading successfully, there are...
Postet by Zainab Youssef
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4 min. ago
Investors are disappointed with the persistence of the US Fed officials, who do not want to change the current soft monetary policy, despite the n...
Postet by Crunch
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8 min. ago
On Tuesday, AUD/USD turnover will actually occur at six additional peaks. The value of US dollars has been down for almost many months. The key in...
Postet by Farnadus007
My pips hand is weak
15 min. ago
[SIZE="6"][COLOR="red"][B][I] In our current era, the world has shifted from a realistic world to another digital, and there are many and many digita...
Postet by Zainab Youssef
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28 min. ago
It is impossible to trade profitably in the Forex market without using various technical analysis tools. With the help of such tools, a trader det...
Postet by abutalib321
Where am I?
29 min. ago
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