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Anybody who wants to trade Forex should forget those two words: luck and greed. It is only those who takes the pains to acquire knowledge and skills, ...
Postet by DaveBenroe
FX Zombie
10 min. ago
hello why my bonus is 0.00 after reload page?...
Postet by Majidlovio
Where am I?
12 min. ago
Almost 2 months since I last post in this thread. Something came up in real life and trading become secondary and didn't even have the time to post an...
Postet by kammraz
It's time to retire!
41 min. ago
Even in the most universal matter you will find some people who have a different opinion! This is a extremely common human behavior. Not only for Fore...
Postet by MasumT88
My pips hand is weak
54 min. ago
I don't feel any attraction for any places that have artificial beauty. I visit those places that has virgin natural beauty. They might be a isolated ...
Postet by MasumT88
My pips hand is weak
1 hour, 1 min. ago
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