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Postet by taifon
FX Super Hero
5 min. ago
Forex trading gives you alot of profits which you won't get in a normal job in real life. Forex trading give you time to yourself and you are the boss...
Postet by Royoct
My pips hand is weak
6 min. ago
Yes, we can build up our career in the Forex market by spending our full time so you need to keep in mind that it is the only market in the world thro...
Postet by BriteMedium
FX Vampire
6 min. ago
[QUOTE=Legend Sniper;12876906]Technical analysis for EUR / USD 19-10-2018 the pair has rebound from strong support level at 1.14311 and will continue...
Postet by forexianz
It's time to retire!
6 min. ago
Hello dear we welcome you here in MT5 community hope you will enjoy your stay with us. And thanks for your sharing, and will be waiting for you...
Postet by freshtulips
MT5 Rookie
6 min. ago
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