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Trading psychology can be explained as the way of handling the emotions that are involved in the financial industries. This psychology is th...
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My charts talk to me!
3 min. ago
No level touching (flat)...
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FX Super Hero
3 min. ago
in participation are a fortune of traders in the forex market that does a few exchanging conduct with the take a stab at of development benefits. ...
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My pips hand is weak
5 min. ago
A trader can be said to be a gambler if he uses an unusual lot size or what is commonly referred to as a bomb wall, shoot elephant lots and so on...
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MT5 Maniac
5 min. ago
Hello my dear forum friends I want to share with you my analysing about gold pair which is strongly looking in bullish trend and it will go more u...
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FX Vampire
6 min. ago
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