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It is so funny that who is better men or women in trading. There is no any rule regarding this in universe that who is better men or women. In my poin...
Postet by gourav2040
MT5 Addict
5 min. ago
Yeah to survive for long time in Forex market you have to keep your ability to manege your money. To proper management for trading you have to profess...
Postet by Alamin moral
My pips hand is weak
5 min. ago
Thanks for the advise mate, this is highly noted, I should consider this to include on my future trade plan and study it further, this might be so...
Postet by mikehenley
Forex in the blood
9 min. ago
Hello MT5 Community, MARandhawa is here. I am creating this trading journal for my analysis and trades. I will share my all analysis and trades here. ...
Postet by MARandhawa
Will work for pips
10 min. ago
AUDJPY is heading near support and I am 90% sure that it is going to stall there, if bullish momentum hits it then it may try the highs again, but ...
Postet by FlyingShark
MT5 Veteran
11 min. ago
In trading there must be loss, Remember that loss is part of trading, as well as profit. Even so, still if more loss hit than profit, there is somethi...
Postet by Renan
Forex in the blood
11 min. ago
USDCAD analysis ...
Postet by zahid4x
It's time to retire!
14 min. ago
Yours truly all forex traders should also be thinking along this trading latitude as it gives our trading edge time to manifest besides it removes emo...
Postet by keji
Forum Guru
14 min. ago
USDCAD going on upward and it already break daily 1st resistance level 1.3225, but i think its not good time, i think if it close above of this level ...
Postet by zahid4x
It's time to retire!
15 min. ago
There's nothing to hide whenever your trade goes wrong because no one can boast of not ever getting a single loss in the market, so loss it's a n...
Postet by Oriakhiebillz
MT5 Maniac
17 min. ago
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