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Thank you so much Mats! I shall try it and see how it works, but what is the percentage of the success of this trading system, have you been able to ...
Postet by penuelophir
I just can't quit pips!
5 min. ago
Postet by Soldier
I just can't quit pips!
5 min. ago
Big capital money is not the guarantee for success , it only help to make big profit taking big lot size . Forex is fully knowledge based business ,...
Postet by shyammandal
It's time to retire!
6 min. ago
I am a strong supporter of investing in Forex a small amount of money when we start the trading business. It has not any alternative to learn the busi...
Postet by springjet014
MT5 Maniac
7 min. ago
robots will make profits if it works well and so the trader that has good robot then he will make money, robots can work well but i think not all time...
Postet by sameeh
FX Vampire
8 min. ago
As we know that price movement are fixed for certain time frame , after a certain point price movement stopped and again goes reverse . So here at t...
Postet by shyammandal
It's time to retire!
12 min. ago
The pair is still very weak despite the latest Brexit news that a next phase will commence. However, this can only happen as from march next year...
Postet by Profiforex_Victory
MT5 Rookie
15 min. ago
We are using desktop computer and we feel easy to trade by using this device . Mobile trading is not secured because we don't get all essential indi...
Postet by shyammandal
It's time to retire!
16 min. ago
It is a new week truly, that is why i think we will have to wait, that is the way we will not be entering into a retracing market and we will be thi...
Postet by catfish007
My charts talk to me!
17 min. ago
GBPUSD in BEARISH condition and currently the price is being stuck in the support area after the point is quite sharp. Beware of stochastic indicator ...
Postet by patrech
Forex in the blood
20 min. ago
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